episode (plural episodes)

  1. Something that took place.
    It was a most embarrassing episode in my life
  2. A program in a television series.
    I can"t wait till next week"s episode.

7 letters in word "episode": D E E I O P S.

Anagrams of episode:

Words found within episode:

de dee deep deeps dees dei depose di die dies dip dips dipso dis do doe does dop dope dopes dops dos dose dso ed eds ee eide eidos epode epodes epos es espied id ide idee idees ides ids io ios is iso od ode odes ods oe oes oi op ope oped opes ops os ose pe ped pedes peds pee peed pees peise peised pes peso pi pie pied pies pis pise piso po pod pods poi pois poise poised pos pose posed psi sed see seed seep sei si side sip sipe siped so sod sop sped speed speedo spide spie spied spode

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